Chile and the “Third World”: It’s Tricky

I have been uploading photos to my social media pages daily while on an epic journey through South America.  You know; the drill we all perform on vacation if we are active social media consumers – posting humorous or artistic photos, signs lost in translation, landscapes, architecture, and food – basically giving our followers a …

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My Safety Precautions for a Woman Traveling Alone Internationally

I have done a few stupid things traveling around the world. Not that I am a naïve traveler or that trouble necessarily finds me. Some events are unavoidable. And others? Well, they were simply stupid, or not researched thoroughly. There is that old saying that God takes care of fools, drunks, and children (or something …

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Is Life Near the Equator Spinning Out of Control? Monday Musings

The coffee conversation naturally steered itself towards the odd dating situation for an over-40-year-old expat woman in small town Costa Rica. Carla is not the first to lament this issue. I have had several strong, independent and attractive single girlfriends permanently depart this lovely region to find more depth in the dating pool.