Title: Candi-Man
Target Release Date:
Late 2020

Have you ever wondered if someone was who they claimed to be when interacting with them on social media? Candi-Man is a contemporary novel based on the journey of a supermodel's rise to fame and her discovery of the dark underworld of international sexual perverts, stalkers, and fake profiles through interactions on her social media fan page.

You will naturally dislike Bharat, the horny Indian teenager attempting to steal Candi's heart away from her fiance, David. You will question if Hassan's father is actually a wealthy Pakistani arms mogul. And you will seek a softer side of Alejandro, the jaded Costa Rican drug transporter who ascended from extreme poverty to the highest of drug lord ranks.

Candi-Man will take you on twists and turns through reality and fantasy, terminating in a magnificent head-spinning reveal. It invites you to explore challenging societal topics such as prostitution, arms dealing, homosexuality, incest, poverty and illegal drugs from a different perspective. Ultimately, taking you on a felicitous odyssey as we constantly question reality.


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