If someone told me that I would be living in Costa Rica creating a way to make a career out of writing, I would have told them, “no way”. Yet here I am making my dream a reality.

I am a former media sales executive and brief radio show co-host turned writer and blogger, sharing the stories of my journey and travels with anyone who will listen!

The midwest values of Chicago created me, eclectic Austin molded me, and international travel/living completed me.

I cover a multitude of topics in my writing which touch our lives – finances, sex, health, food/wine, midlife crisis, and of course, travel adventures. I have also discovered the beauty of storytelling through fiction.

Even amid tragedy and sadness, I find our world to be an awe-inspiring place. I humbly hope my pieces of wisdom or entertainment can help you, my reader, in some way connect with your happiness or wanderlust.

Come along on my journey, KatsJourney, and let’s have some fun!

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