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Uganda: A Traveler’s First Embrace

When I shared with friends that I had  an upcoming trip to Uganda planned in the fall of 2018, the number one inquiry was, “Where is that?” followed by a somewhat snarky “Is it safe?”  In all fairness to them, the media tends to cover bad news much more diligently than good news and then …

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7 Tips for Less Stress in Your Life

Doesn’t it feel like a joke when you visit your doctor for some ailment and they tell you that you need to reduce stress in your life? Stress seems to be the singular cause that pops up as a trigger for so many disorders – both mentally and physically. But you can’t exactly quit your …

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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Job Burnout

I worked for “the man” in Corporate America for over a quarter of a century both in commission-only media sales and, for a short time, in middle management.  I eventually left an ample paying position with health care benefits, a nice expense account, and 401k matching to pursue a different dream – releasing myself of …

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Auschwitz: There Are No Words

I have explored two fantastic Holocaust Museums – the one in Washington DC and in Cape Town, South Africa.   Visiting them left me unsettled in heavy emotions. However, nothing quite prepared me for a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps in Southern Poland.   We visited on a mid-September day – still officially summer on the calendar …

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Food & Wine

Fierce Foodie: Cambodia

I recently answered one of those “get to know you” Facebook questions about the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. I have never seen so many “puking” emoji and gif responses in one place (except for a few political posts – but I am not going there). It created such a stir I decided to …

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