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Cuba: Dispelling Misconceptions for USA Travelers

I recently returned from a 5-day self-guided trip to Cuba covering Havana – the capital, and Viñales – in the countryside.  We stayed at a “casa particular” which we found through Airbnb. Casa particulars are apartments or rooms with bath owned by local Cubans and rented out to visitors. Our accommodations consisted of a clean, completely …

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Laser Vision Correction: What I Wished My Doctor Told Me

LASIK corrective eye surgery is a common elective surgery to correct myopia (nearsightedness). Millions of people go under the proverbial knife (or laser, in this case) annually.  The procedure amazingly takes only a few minutes for both eyes.  In simple terms, successful surgery looks like this: The laser (or blade) cuts a small flap on …

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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Job Burnout

I worked for “the man” in Corporate America for over a quarter of a century both in commission-only media sales and, for a short time, in middle management.  I eventually left an ample paying position with health care benefits, a nice expense account, and 401k matching to pursue a different dream – releasing myself of …

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Chile and the “Third World”: It’s Tricky

I have been uploading photos to my social media pages daily while on an epic journey through South America.  You know; the drill we all perform on vacation if we are active social media consumers – posting humorous or artistic photos, signs lost in translation, landscapes, architecture, and food – basically giving our followers a …

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Food & Wine

The A-Ha Wine Tasting Moment: Casablanca, Chile

I have been fortunate to travel and sample wine in many world-famous regions of the five biggest wine-producing continents. This article is not about bragging – this is about me believing I was some sort of wine connoisseur. Assuming that liking the taste of wine and drinking it often means one knows how to actually …

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